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Vintage bus rental in Berlin

Are you looking for a special bus? Would you like to hire a vintage bus for an unforgettable city tour in Berlin?
For very special occasions and celebrations, the vintage bus rental of BEX Charter is the perfect choice. We do not only rent out comfort coaches and are very proud to be able to offer you our lovingly and elaborately restored original vintage bus SAURER 2 CR 1 D Alpenwagen II from 1940 for trips in a nostalgic ambience.



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Experience nostalgia

Hire our nostalgia bus in Berlin, experience a ride in the historic Swiss Postbus with friends, acquaintances, relatives or colleagues and let yourself be transported back 80 years in time. An experience that not only vintage bus fans will be thrilled about.
Make your company outing or club trip an unforgettable experience. Give your birthday or wedding party the special flair of a nostalgic bus ride by hiring our vintage bus in Berlin. The vintage bus is equipped with a microphone system so that a city guide can accompany and entertain you on your sightseeing tour in Berlin.
There are many occasions when our vintage bus is just the right thing for you.

In the press article "Ein eleganter Schweizer in Berlin" you can find out more about our vintage bus.

If you would like to rent our vintage bus in Berlin or have any further questions about bus rental in Berlin, the BEX Charter team will be happy to assist you.



Technical data of our vintage bus

  • Vehicle manufacturer: Adolph Saurer AG, Arbon (CH) Body: Regazzoni company, Lugano (CH)
  • Type/Version: 2 CR 1 D (Alpenwagen II)
  • First registration: 01/10/1940
  • Number of seats: 20
  • Power: 48 kW/65 hp
  • Maximum speed: 67 km/h
  • displacement: 5.32 l



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