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Rent an accessible bus with driver

Barrier-free travel in Berlin, Potsdam or throughout Germany is not impossible, even for passengers who are bound to a wheelchair. Being picked up from the airport, going on a city tour through Berlin or a trip to Potsdam to Sanssouci Palace, taking part in a trip for the elderly, a class trip or a club trip - all of this is possible with BEX Charter without barriers.

Mobility and flexibility play an increasingly important role for everyone in all areas of everyday life in today's fast-paced world. Since the demand for mobility is constantly growing and with it the requirements for creating accessibility, we have invested a lot in recent years in order to be able to offer people with restricted mobility the opportunity to use our bus charter service.




Bus Innenraum mit Rollstuhlfahreren_Barrierefrei Reisen mit BEX Charter

Barrier-free vehicle fleet


Various barrier-free buses for fixed wheelchairs are now available from our fleet for renting buses in Berlin, Potsdam and throughout Germany. These barrier-free coaches are either equipped with a lift (single-decker buses) or a ramp (double-decker buses). This enables our mobility-impaired passengers to comfortably drive on the buses in a wheelchair.

Our barrier-free buses have already been rented for a wide variety of reasons, e.g. for transfers to the competition venues during the national competition for youth training for the Paralympics. But beautiful day trips to the surrounding area are also a welcome change for our seniors in wheelchairs. In particular, our residents from the retirement homes enjoy our light rides at Christmas time.

We will be happy to support you with the implementation.



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